Lightac History

At 2009, Founder Mr. Chen Hui graduated form Nan Jing Unversity with the Bachelor of Business Administration, at that time, the big impact from the USA economical crisis results in lots of poeple lost their job and wealth, Mr Chen Hui at last work as one salesman for the small company, he work hard and learn a lot about practical business and skills, that is the tough but precious experience. and laid the wonderful foundation of the brand "Lightac".

At 2012, Lightac was registered. and founded in first business division-LED Lighting Division.

At 2013, Lightac has grown up from 4 employees to 20, production machines and test equipments were installed, revenue over 3 millions RMB,

At 2014, Lightac start the overseas business (business scale from demostic market to the internation market), operating income reach 10 million RMB.

At 2015, Lightac first company branch was founded in Hongkong,China,  start the second business division-Lightac medical & beauty division, and prepare for our own B2B2C platform "Lightacmart, Lightacmall"

At 2016, Lightac launched the third business division-Household Division, and Pets Division,

At 2017, Lightac set up the business platform of C2C for the retail business of whole company business divisions. it is named "Haimai Mall", "Haimai" in Chinese means repeat purchasing, buy again and again.

At 2018, Lightac finish the business divisions cooperation and connection, business rates raise and grow up.

At 2019, Lightac do more efforts to the overseas market,products exported to over 100 countries.

At 2020-2021,  With the big impact of the COVID-19, Lightac develop slowly, but keeping growing.

At 2022, Lightac do the big adjustment, establish the new company named "Nantong Guangke Household Co.,Ltd.", to control the whole business of Lightac, making new logo and integration all business divisions.

Fulture, Lightac will continue to provide and support the best products and services to all of our customers, to make the brand "Lightac" more meaningful and valuable. to be one great company with the contribution for the people.

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